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Whether you are a retail store, online/marketplace seller, or an individual who needs pallets, American Liquidations can provide the assistance you need.

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Welcome to American Liquidations

American Liquidations is a wholesaler of retail liquidation pallets from major retailers. We sell by the pallet of new, overstock, open box and store returns. i.e. Pallet of new shoes, Pallet of overstocked dishware, Pallet of open box items or Pallet of returned items.

Pallets are purchased at bulk wholesale prices and resold to the public. Pallets for sale  are an excellent way for you to save money when buying in large quantities. We have many types of pallets that can meet your needs, whether it be for business or personal use. Our inventory is constantly changing so please contact us with any questions.

Purchase A Custom Truckload

Buying in bulk? Contact us through our truckload request form

to get a more custom load and personalized service.

Purchase A Custom Truckload

Buying in bulk? Contact us through our truckload request form to get a more custom load and personalized service.


American Liquidations is the North Easts largest distributor of wholesale return and overstocked merchandise. We distribute merchandise by individual pallets. Each pallet for sale contains an array of items, packed in mixed assortments directly from the distributor. Pallets may vary in size based on the value of the contained merchandise.

Pallet value varies widely, but our guarantee ensures that you will receive more than what you spend on the pallet in respect to the value of the pallet’s merchandise. We offer pallets containing mixed merchandise. Some new, used, open box, and fair condition. This is LIQUIDATED merchandise. It is crucial to understand some items within your pallet may require re-conditioning or repair. Although the percentage of items requiring repair is generally low. All pallets are sold as is and are non returnable/non refundable.

Thousands of our customers purchase pallets to break down and resell each item individually. This is an excellent avenue of income. We offer wholesale pallets containing top brand electronics, furniture, home goods, tools, appliances, toys, & more. Learn more about us on this site & join our community on social media. Our goal is to help individuals achieve financial independence by saving and earning money through sales of top wholesale product.

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