S&D Appliances – Pallets for sale.


Explore premium scratch and dent appliance pallets at American Liquidations. Our inventory includes a variety of LG and Samsung appliances, such as refrigerators and more, sourced from canceled deliveries and floor displays. Despite minor cosmetic imperfections, these appliances are current models and fully functional, offering substantial savings compared to retail prices. Ideal for retailers, refurbishers, and exporters looking to maximize profitability with high-quality products. Discover lucrative opportunities in the liquidation market with American Liquidations today!

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Pallets for Sale: Explore Scratch and Dent Appliances from American Liquidations

American Liquidations offers a diverse range of S&D Appliances pallets for sale, including scratch and dent appliances sourced directly from reputable brands like LG and Samsung. Whether you’re a retailer, refurbisher, or wholesaler, our inventory provides lucrative opportunities in the liquidation market.

Liquidation Warehouse Near Me: Convenient Access to Quality Merchandise

Locate a liquidation warehouse near you or browse our online platform for easy access to premium merchandise. American Liquidations ensures a seamless purchasing experience, catering to diverse business needs.

Return S&D Appliances Pallets for Sale: Value and Variety

Explore our selection of return pallets, which include a mix of high-quality appliances and other merchandise. These pallets offer significant savings and are ideal for businesses looking to expand inventory without breaking the budget.

Amazon Mega Warehouse: Extensive Inventory Direct from Retailers

Similar to Amazon’s extensive warehouse offerings, our pallets feature a wide array of products sourced directly from distribution centers. From appliances to electronics and more, find everything you need in one place.

American Liquidators: Your Trusted Partner in Liquidation

Count on American Liquidations for reliable service and exceptional merchandise. We specialize in liquidation pallets that meet the demands of various retail sectors, ensuring customer satisfaction and competitive pricing.

Liquidation Pallets: Tailored Inventory Solutions

Our inventory spans multiple categories, including appliances, electronics, home goods, and more. Each pallet is carefully curated to maximize profitability and meet market demands effectively.

Wholesale Pallets: Bulk Buying Made Simple

Maximize your purchasing power with our wholesale pallet options. Whether you’re stocking up for retail sales or expanding your product range, our bulk buying solutions offer cost-effective pricing and diverse product options.

Where to Buy Pallets of Merchandise: Simplifying Your Purchase Decision

Wondering where to buy pallets of merchandise? American Liquidations provides a streamlined buying process. Whether you’re interested in individual pallets or full truckloads, we offer competitive pricing and flexible purchasing options.

Buy Truckloads: Scale Your Business Effectively

Invest in truckloads of merchandise to scale your operations efficiently. Our scratch and dent appliance truckloads, featuring 40-60 mixed appliances, present substantial opportunities for growth and profitability.

S&D Appliances – Pallets for Sale

Overview of Product Offering

  • Quantity: Each scratch and dent appliance truckload contains approximately 40-60 mixed appliances.
  • Total Est. Retail: $100,000.
  • Condition: Scratch and Dent.

Detailed Description of Scratch and Dent Appliances

Explore our scratch and dent appliance pallets featuring a variety of LG and Samsung appliances. These units, sourced from canceled deliveries and floor displays, exhibit minimal damage such as scratches or dents. Despite cosmetic imperfections, all appliances are current models and fully functional.

On each load, you’ll find a mix of large French door refrigerators, washers, dryers, ranges, and more. Each unit offers significant savings compared to retail prices, making them attractive options for resale, refurbishing, or export.

Advantages of Scratch and Dent Appliance Truckloads

  • Cost-Effective: Purchase premium appliances at a fraction of their retail price.
  • Diverse Selection: Includes a variety of appliances suitable for different market needs.
  • Profit Potential: Retail values per load can reach up to $100,000, offering substantial profit margins.

Ideal Buyers

These scratch and dent appliance truckloads are ideal for:

  • Retailers: Expand inventory with high-quality appliances.
  • Refurbishers: Repair and resell appliances for profit.
  • Exporters: Ship appliances internationally for resale.
  • Auction Houses: Offer discounted appliances to bidders.


American Liquidations provides a wide array of pallets for sale, featuring scratch and dent appliances and more. Whether you’re looking to enhance your retail offerings or start a new business venture, our liquidation pallets offer exceptional value and quality. Explore our inventory today to discover why American Liquidations is your preferred partner in the liquidation industry.


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