CVS HBA – Pallets for sale.


Explore a diverse selection of liquidation pallets for sale at American Liquidations. Our inventory includes overstock, returns, and shelf pulls sourced directly from CVS, offering a wide range of health & beauty aids, drug store items, and general merchandise. Perfect for wholesalers and retailers seeking high-quality products at competitive prices.

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Pallets for Sale: Quality Liquidation Merchandise from American Liquidations.

American Liquidations offers a diverse selection of pallets for sale, sourced directly from major retailers like CVS HBA, providing a lucrative opportunity for wholesalers and retailers alike. Whether you’re looking for overstock, shelf pulls, or return pallets, our inventory caters to various needs and preferences in the liquidation market.

Overview of Products Available

Our pallets contain a wide array of merchandise, including Health & Beauty Aids (HBA), drug store items, and general merchandise from CVS Stores. Each pallet is carefully curated to ensure high-quality products that meet consumer demands.

Liquidation Warehouse Near Me: Convenient Access to Quality Merchandise

Located strategically across the United States, American Liquidations ensures accessibility to our warehouses. Whether you’re searching for a liquidation warehouse near you or prefer online browsing, our platform makes it easy to find and purchase the pallets you need.

Return Pallets for Sale: Maximizing Value from Returned Goods

Return pallets from American Liquidations provide an excellent opportunity to acquire merchandise at reduced prices. These pallets may include gently used items that offer significant savings without compromising on quality.

Amazon Mega Warehouse: Similar Quality, Direct from Retailers

Comparable to Amazon’s expansive inventory, our pallets deliver a vast assortment of goods straight from distribution centers. This ensures you receive a wide selection of products, ranging from personal care items to household essentials.

American Liquidators: Your Trusted Source for Liquidation Goods

At American Liquidations, we pride ourselves on being a reliable source of liquidation pallets. Our partnerships with leading retailers guarantee that each purchase meets high standards of quality and reliability.

Liquidation Pallets: Diverse Inventory for Every Need

Our inventory spans various categories, including health and beauty, electronics, home goods, and more. Each pallet is meticulously sorted to provide a balanced mix of products that appeal to a broad audience.

Wholesale Pallets: Bulk Buying Made Simple

For businesses looking to stock up on inventory, our wholesale pallets offer a cost-effective solution. Bulk purchasing ensures competitive pricing, making it easier to maximize profits with every sale.

Where to Buy Pallets of Merchandise: Exploring Your Options

Wondering where to buy pallets of merchandise? American Liquidations offers a straightforward purchasing process, whether you’re buying truckloads or individual pallets. Our user-friendly platform simplifies the buying experience, ensuring you find what you need quickly.

Buy Truckloads: Scale Your Business Efficiently

Investing in truckloads of merchandise allows you to scale your operations efficiently. Each CVS truckload, containing approximately 20,000 mixed units, represents a substantial opportunity to expand your product offerings.

CVS HBA – Pallets for Sale: Targeted Health & Beauty Aids

Specializing in Health & Beauty Aids (HBA), our CVS pallets are tailored to meet specific market demands. These pallets include a diverse selection of products such as cosmetics, toiletries, and personal care items.

Product Details:

  • Quantity: Each CVS truckload contains approximately 20,000 mixed units.
  • Total Est. Retail: $185,000.
  • Condition: Overstock, Shelf Pulls & Returns.

Detailed Description of Merchandise

Shipped directly from CVS Distribution Centers in Florida and Texas, our pallets encompass a comprehensive range of products. You can expect to find:

  • Hair Care: Shampoos, conditioners, styling products.
  • Personal Care: Shaving items, hygiene products, dental care.
  • Health Essentials: Medicine, vitamins, pain relief solutions.
  • Baby Products: Diapers, wipes, baby care items.
  • Miscellaneous: Small toys, school supplies, sunblock, creams, hair color, and more.


American Liquidations stands at the forefront of providing quality liquidation merchandise, ensuring that every pallet purchased meets or exceeds customer expectations. Whether you’re a retailer, wholesaler, or online seller, our diverse inventory and competitive pricing make us the ideal partner for your business needs. Explore our selection of pallets for sale today and discover the benefits of partnering with American Liquidations for your liquidation needs.


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