6ft Amazon HPC – Pallets for sale.


Explore our exclusive 6ft Amazon HPC pallets at American Liquidations, sourced directly from Amazon Distribution Centers. Each pallet contains approximately 15,000 mixed items across various categories like electronics, housewares, toys, and more. Ideal for bin stores and retailers looking to diversify their inventory with high-quality merchandise at a competitive cost per piece. Enhance your profitability and customer appeal with these curated pallets designed for maximum retail impact and inventory efficiency.

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Pallets for Sale: 6ft Amazon HPC – High Piece Count Pallets at American Liquidations

Discover unparalleled value with our 6ft Amazon HPC pallets available at American Liquidations. Sourced directly from Amazon Distribution Centers across Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Kentucky, these pallets offer a diverse assortment of general merchandise at competitive prices.

Key Details

Quantity and Location:

  • Quantity: Each truckload contains approximately 15,000 mixed items over 24-26 pallets
  • Location: Shipped directly from Amazon Distribution Centers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Kentucky

Estimated Retail Value:

  • Total Estimated Retail: $200,000


  • Condition: Amazon FC and/or Amazon LPN (Like New)

Detailed Description of 6ft Amazon HPC Pallets

Comprehensive Range of Products

Our 6ft Amazon HPC pallets feature a wide array of categories, including Housewares, Toys, Electronics, Kitchen Gadgets, Cell Phone Accessories, HBA (Health & Beauty Aids), Home Decor, Lawn & Garden Items, Kitchen Essentials, and more. Each pallet is meticulously curated to include approximately 15,000 mixed items, catering to diverse consumer preferences and market demands.

Ideal for Bin Stores and Retail Expansion

Designed specifically for bin stores and retailers seeking to expand their product offerings cost-effectively, these pallets provide a strategic advantage with a low cost per piece. Whether you’re stocking up on seasonal items, everyday essentials, or specialty products, our 6ft Amazon HPC pallets offer a profitable solution for maximizing inventory diversity and sales potential.

Benefits and Features

Direct Sourcing from Amazon Distribution Centers

By sourcing directly from Amazon Distribution Centers, we ensure authenticity and quality in every item. Whether it’s brand-name electronics or trending home decor, our pallets deliver sought-after merchandise that meets consumer expectations for both novelty and reliability.

Strategic Pricing and Cost Efficiency

With an estimated retail value of $200,000 per truckload, our 6ft Amazon HPC pallets present a significant cost-saving opportunity. Each item is priced competitively to optimize profit margins, making them an attractive choice for businesses aiming to enhance profitability through smart inventory management.

Why Choose American Liquidations?

Trusted Expertise in Liquidation Sales

American Liquidations is a trusted name in the industry, known for our commitment to transparency, quality, and customer satisfaction. We specialize in offering liquidation pallets that meet stringent quality standards, ensuring that every purchase delivers exceptional value and reliability.

Convenient Purchasing and Shipping

Explore our user-friendly platform to browse and purchase 6ft Amazon HPC pallets conveniently online. We provide reliable shipping options to ensure prompt delivery of your orders, allowing you to streamline your procurement process and focus on growing your business.


Elevate Your Inventory Strategy with 6ft Amazon HPC Pallets

Unlock the potential of your retail or resale business with our premium 6ft Amazon HPC pallets from American Liquidations. Whether you’re seeking to expand product offerings, optimize inventory turnover, or capitalize on seasonal trends, these pallets provide a versatile solution for maximizing profitability and customer satisfaction.

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For more information on our Amazon HPC pallets, including pricing details and availability, visit our website or contact our dedicated team. Transform your inventory strategy with American Liquidations and discover why we are your preferred partner for high-quality liquidation merchandise.


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